Segovia is a city near Madrid and is a perfect place to take a day trip. Accessible by a bus from the Moncloa station, the bus ride takes less than 2 hours, and the station is accessible by lines 6 and 3 on the metro.

The bus company that takes you to Segovia is called La Sepulvedana and you can buy tickets on the metro floor ( the very bottom floor) near the escalator and Dunkin Doughnuts. It costs about 16.40 Euros for a roundtrip ticket. While tickets are accessible online, it was much easier to buy tickets in person and ask questions about what see and the time tables.

The bus station in Segovia is very small compared to anything in Madrid. There is a street called Ave. Acueducto that leads you straight to the Aqueduct and the information center. The information center (marked by a large red I) is really useful and has history about the city, the aqueduct, and a map on how to get around.

The Alcazar of Segovia is beautiful and is only a 30 minute hilly walk. When you get there, the ticket booth is to the left and costs 8 euros (6 for students) for the tower and the Alcazar. The Alcazar is a beautiful castle that’s built like a fortress, and was supposedly one of the inspirations for the Cinderella castle! The tower does not have any elevators, but it’s worth the climb, because the view is spectacular up there.

On the way back to the Aqueduct, I stopped by the Cathedral to take a peek. Designed in a gothic manner, this massive Cathedral stood proudly in Plaza Mayor. This area also had a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops filled with cute little ceramic ware.

The Aqueduct itself stretches for a distance and is one of most important and significant symbols of the city. It is also one of the best preserved Roman Aqueducts, and is an impressive sight.

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