Original Gucci Osteria + Gucci Gardens

Having opened in 2018, Gucci Osteria has been inspiring a palette of different creative cuisines for its customers. As the original Gucci Osteria, the expectations were high and did not disappoint. Karime Lope was the chef, hailing from Mexico City, and her cuisines were inspired by different places in the world. We chose the tasting menu called “The World Through Our Eyes” for 150 euros without the wine pairing which included 7 courses of carefully curated dishes.

We started with freshly baked bread and cream along with breadsticks and moved onto the multiple courses:

Course 1: Purple corn tostada with marinated bonito, a hint of spice and citrus

Course 2: Chawanmushi, asparagus, shrimp of Tirreno and Franco’s herbs

Course 3: Spaghettini, cockles and clams.

Course 4: Steamed bun with pork belly of cinta senese

Course 5: Grilled lamb, green tomatoes and jalapeño but since I don’t eat lamb, they switched out the lamb for caviar and a filet

Course 6: Cherry, ricotta e white beer

Course 7: Peach, kombucha and thyme

along with several extra dishes to try

Overall, the whole experience was luxurious and was well worth the price. We also got to skip the line to go to the Gucci Garden next door! The museum was 8 euros and featured different floors and room of the various collections of Gucci throughout the decades.

Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time on their website!

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